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Flamenco: the Land Is Still Fertile (director's 2nd cut)  (2024)

With spectacular performance by world-class artists, the documentary looks at the origins of traditional flamenco, and especially its connection to gitano (Spanish Gypsy) farm workers and other dispossesed people.

Filmed in Spain and narrated by cantaor Antonio de la Malena, the documentary includes interviews with most of the 16 solo performers. It also has key footage of Gypsies in northwestern India where gitanos originated, as well as scenes related to Spain's rich musical heritage, which also contributed to the art form.

--National PBS broadcast in USA--

"...a magnificent work. (Diego Fernández Jiménez, Director, Institute for Gitano Culture)




1 hour 40 min., color, HD, closed captions; a film by Eve A. Ma, narrated by Antonio de la Malena. In Spanish with English subtitles. $17.50 plus S&H (sales tax in CA)

Masters of Rhythm: the Afro-Peruvian Way (2019)

This half-hour documentary, shot in Peru, stars three of the world's finest percussionists: Lalo Izquierdo, Cotito and Huevito. As they play the cajón drum, sing, dance, and talk, we learn about the rich culture of Afro-Peruvians. An introduction to a little-known part of the African disapora.

Best Film, Arts Category, Black International Cinema Berlin (GERMANY)

Best Ethnographic Music Documentary, Berkeley Video & Film Festival; screened in 10 plus festivals in five countries

--National PBS broadcast in USA--

"Highly Recommended" (C. Bloch for Video Librarian)

"...a fine choice...." (Barbara J. Walter for EMRO-Edu. Media Reviews Online)

"A rare and delightful glimpse...." (John Santos, 7 times Grammy nominee, USA Fontanals Fellow)

Half-hour (28 min.), color, HD, closed captions, produced-directed by Eve A. Ma; in English, & Spanish w/English subtitles. $15 plus S&H (sales tax in CA)

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DOMINO: Caught in the Crisis (Dominó: agarrado por la crisis) (drama, 2014)

Ma's first drama, shot in Spain, stars Antonio de la Malena as Luis, with supporting actors Luis de la Tota, Nicolás Montoya and others.

Domino looks at a middle-aged Spanish family man of the old school, the family breadwinner, who has lost his job and gotten caught up in the economic crisis of 2008.

It focuses on the emotional effects of his plight, but also touches on timely topics such as social unrest, homelessness, and financial inequality.

Award of Merit, World Film Awards (INDONESIA)

Merit Award, Indonesian Internat'l Festival for Environment, Health & Culture (INDONESIA(

Screened, Oakland Film Festival (USA)

Domino: Caught in the Crisis was also officially presented as a special event by the City of Jerez de la Frontera (SPAIN) where it was shot.

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1 hour, color, HD, produced-directed by Eve A. Ma. In Spanish with English subtitles. $15 plus S&H (plus sales tax in CA)


Para ti mi cante… que es mi libertad - featuring Antonio de la Malena 

Antonio de la Malena's double album of flamenco singing (cante), Para ti mi cante… for 16 tracks for two hours of fine, traditional flamenco. De la Malena has twice been awarded the prize Best Singer in the Flamenco Festival in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. He tours and has sung solo on every continent except for Australia and Antartica.

Accompanied by guitarists Manuel Parilla, Domingo Rubichi, Malena Hijo and Santiago Moreno. De la Malena sings both well-known and rarely heard flamenco forms: a very complete album that aficionados will appreciate.

"...the exact peak...of artistic and professional mastery." (David Montes for Flamencomania)

"A brilliant performance." (Juan Garrido for Diario de Jerez)

"...a cantaor [flamenco singer] who... has reached the height of his career....the purest and most perfect flamenco...." (Fran Pereira for JerezJondo)

"...powerful, expressive and moving...." (Theresa Vasilly Saba for MyFlamencoDiary)

2 hours, traditional flamenco, $17 plus S&H (plus sales tax in CA)

Cajón Is King - featuring various artists 

Afro-Peruvian music as performed by some of its finest masters. The emphasis is on the cajón drum, a symbol of Afro-Peruvian culture. Artists include Lalo Izquierdo, Cotito (Juan Medrano Cotito), Huevito (Freddy Huevito Lobatón), Coco Linares, Jorge Luis Jasso and Vladimir Vulkanovich.

Recorded partly in Peru and partly in California, the musical tracks are from our two documentaries, Masters of Rhythm and A Zest for Life.

"...a treasure chest of songs...performed by the great torch-bearers of the musical culture." (Raúl da Gama for World Music Report)

1 hour, Afro-Peruvian, $12 plus S&H (plus sales tax in CA)


two-tone grey
grey with gold


Neck scarves made in Spain by the wife of associate director Antonio de la Malena. Quantities limited, choose your color: two-tone grey, white, grey with gold, plus (not shown) blue, pink, and white with brown.


diversity mug
Afro-Peruvian masters mug

MUGS (under construction)

Our mugs - the "diversity mug" and the "Afro-Peruvian masters mug" are a unique item sure to spark comment. Colorful and dish-washer proof.