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Rich cultures and dramatic moments inspire, create empathy, and give enjoyment.


In honor of Women's History Month, we'd like to present three of our films focused on women: Of Beauty and Deities: Music & Dance of India; along with Letitia Moore, Esq. (from our series "Roots & Branches);" and The Spanish Experimentals of Eve A. Ma . The first two of these are documentaries filmed in California. The third, as the title implies, was filmed in Spain.

Of Beauty & Deities looks at a beautiful, ancient classical southern Indian dance tradition performed by dancers in California who have been trained by a famous dancer from India and his California wife. Letitia Moore, Esq. is an extended interview with a woman who was the first black mayor of a California city as well as a high-level staff lawyer in the Environmental Protection Agency. Our third choice, The Spanish Experimentlas, includes three short films, one of which tells the story of a flamenco dance costume maker in Spain on her special day. A second, inspired by the music you hear in the background, shows a woman who encounters unexpected tragedy. The third - well, the flower is probably a woman.

Put these films together and you get women of vastly different backgrounds engaged in significantly different occupations.


Palomino Productions wants people of different cultures to understand and appreciate each other, and our producer/director, Eve A. Ma, often uses the arts - especially music and dance - to tell our stories. We have filmed in Peru, Spain, and of course in the USA. We have mostly produced documentaries but we also have experimental work and one drama.

In addition to the arts per se, we are aware of current problems and events. Thinking of Black Lives Matter, for example, several of our documentaries examine aspects of the black experience. Another tells a little about the flu epidemic of 1918 (shades of the coronavirus pandemic!), and several highlight immigrants. Our work is mostly in English but some is in Spanish with English subtitles - such as Flamenco: the Land Is Still Fertile (Flamenco: la tierra está viva) scheduled to be broadcast over educational television stations such as PBS in the fall of 2023. Keep an eye out for it!