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The Spanish Experimentals (Experimental Shorts, 2015)


This DVD contains three of Ma's experimental shorts, all shot in Spain: Two Streets & Adela (Dos Calles y una Chica), Tone Poem with Hang Drum (poema en 4 dimensiones con hang drum) and Her (Ella). Taken together, they provide a combined 55 minutes of video.

These shorts are full of local color. The stories? a woman starts a business as a designer of flamenco fashions; another woman and a musician maintain parallel presences; and then, there's the street, the man, and the flower.

55 min., SD, in Spanish with English subtitles. Written and directed by Eve A. Ma. Purchase with PayPal or invoice us

Domino: Caught in the Crisis (Dominó: agarrado por la crisis) (Drama, 2014)


Ma's first drama, shot in Spain, stars Antonio de la Malena as Luis, with supporting actors Luis de la Tota, Nicolás Montoya and others.

Domino tells the story of a middle-aged family man who has lost his job and gotten caught up in Spain's economic crisis, focusing on the emotional effects. Will Luis find new employment and be able to protect his family? Will son Juan's girlfriend stick with her fiancé?

Relevant to an American audience that is concerned about the income gap, the incredible burden of student loans, and the homeless situation.

1 hour, HD, in Spanish with English subtitles. Purchase with PayPal or invoice us.


Master of Rhythm with addendum

Masters of Rhythm is based on the performance and experience of three master percussionists from the Afro-Peruvian community: Lalo Izquierdo (one of the founders of Peru Negro), Cotito (percussionist for Novalima and AfroPeru, former percussionist for Susana Baca), and Huevito (of Gabriel Alegría's Afro-Peruvian jazz quintet in New York). They are ably accompanied by guitarist Coco Linares.

Shot in Peru (in HD-high definition), the documentary includes musical performance, zapateo fancy footwork, interviews, and a wide-ranging conversation in which the three masters talk about learning their art starting as tiny children. This film has screened in seven festivals in four countries and won Best Film, Arts Category in the Black International Cinema of Berlin (Germany) in May, 2016 as well as other awards.

Hald-hour (28 min.), color, HD, produced and directed by Eve A. Ma, in English, and Spanish with English subtitles.

A ZEST FOR LIFE: Afro-Peruvian Rhythms, a Source of Latin Jazz

A Zest for Life

Revised in 2015; Finalist, Best Documentary, San Diego Black Film Festival, 2016. A documentary about traditional Afro-Peruvian music and dance, showing its connection to Latin jazz. Originally produced in 2007, we have made substantial revisions including material from a recent trip to Peru.

A Zest for Life has screened in the USA, Germany and France. It stars Lalo Izquierdo with the performers of "de Rompe y Raja," and singer-songwriter Jorge Luis Jasso. There are cameo appearances by percussionists Juan Medrano Cotito and Huevito Lobatón. Filmed in Peru and USA.

1 hour, color, SD, closed captions; produced/directed and hosted by Eve A. Ma. Purchase via PayPal (below) or invoice us.

Flamenco: the Land Is Still Fertile (Flamenco: la tierra está viva) (in production)

We are currently in production on Flamenco: the Land Is Still Fertile, one of our largest projects to date which we are shooting on-locaton in Spain. Co-directed by Eve A. Ma and Antonio de la Malena, it looks at flamenco as an art form, and examines its relationship to the gitano (Spanish Gypsy) community out of which it developed. Since Antonio de la Malena is an internationally touring flamenco singer who is also gitano, we get a true, insider's view.

We have added exciting new elements to our usual formula of performance, interviews, and a host's narratiive, with scenes that illustrate the form of life which gave flamenco its birth: a Gypsy caravan; a 19th century cafe cantante; part of a traditional gitano wedding; farm laborers in the fields, and more. Shot in HD, in Spanish with English subtitles.

OF BEAUTY & DEITIES: Music & Dance of India

Of Beauty & Deities

We focus on southern Indian classical bharatanatyam dance and music, but also include one folk dance from the central Indian state of Orissa. Shot in California, the group performers are mostly from the Indian diaspora while the solo dancer plus the musicians are from India. In the interviews, K.P. Kunhiraman and Katherine Kunhiraman, the artistic directors, provide a wealth of information about the art form, its connection to the Hindu religion, and its secularization in modern times..

An earlier work, the rough cut of this documentary won an award in the Berkeley Video & Film Festival.

1 hour, color, SD, closed captions; produced/directed and hosted by Eve A. Ma; Richard R. Lee is assistant director. Purchase via PayPal (below) or invoice us.


Weaving with Spanish Threads

To a great extent, the United States is a country of immigrants and their descendants, so it was only fitting for us to create a documentary based on the immigrant experience. Star Francisco Pérez left his native Spain with his mother, sister and cousin when he was a child of six or seven, part of an immigration that brought thousands of country folk from Spain and Portugal to Hawaii, under contract to work as farm laborers on the sugar cane and pineapple plantations. Many of these people later settled in Northern California.

Pérez himself, 98 years old when we interviewed him, was full of fascinating stories of his life in Spain, in Hawaii, and in California. We enriched the documentary with on-location footage from all three places, and with interviews from descendants of the original immigrants.

1 hour, color, SD, closed captions; produced/directed and hosted by Eve A. Ma. Purchase via PayPal (below) or invoice us.


Para ti mi cante...que es mi libertad - featuring Antonio de la Malena (2013)


Antonio de la Malena's double album of flamenco singing (cante), Para ti mi cante.... includes 16 tracks for a full two hours of very fine, traditional flamenco. He is accompanied by guitarists Manuel Parilla, Domingo Rubichi, Malena Hijo and Santiago Moreno.

In addition to alegrias, bulerias and seguiriyas, etc., Malena sings us trilla, serrana, and other less well-known forms. A very complete album that aficionados will appreciate.